Model Flyer Magazine Issue 104 – Jul 08


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  • SCALE FEATURE: B-25 Mitchell
    Some inspiration for alternative colour schemes...
  • RALLY RETRO 1 - Ebenezers 2008!
    The best yet/ We think so...
  • AERODYNAMICS - Reynold’s Number - part 2
    We explain the relationship with model flying...
    Win a Saito FA100 4-stroke engine - part 2...
  • Freebee - Simple Simon
    Enlarge the plan and build this EP control stunter...
  • Halcyon Days
    More Vintage matters...
  • JUNKERS Ju52
    Electric ARTF Trimotor from VMAR
  • MIGHTY MITCHELL - part 2
    The Hangar 9 big ARTF is dirtied up - and flight tested.
    Micro RC ARTF - on 2.4GHz!
  • GRIFFON 600
    An EP hovercraft is a bit different!
    A look at two new Tornado outrunner motors
    The T7C radio.
    A versatile EP ARTF Trainer.
  • WORKSHOP - Building by degrees - part 5
    Finishing the foam winged Spitfire...
  • WORKSHOP - Optimum Radio - part 12
    The last part for a while, so we look at how far we’ve come...

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