Model Flyer Magazine Issue 150 – May 12


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  • PARKZONE icon A5BNF version of this modern looking amphibian.
  • PRECISION AEROBTICSBandit - high performance EP 3D/aerobatics.
  • LRP Skystream1.8m span electric sailplane.
  • E-FLITE Hyper TaxiVTOL EP foam flier with AS3X stability system.
  • OPTIMUM RADIO - part 6Continuing the nitty gritty of customising your radio set-up...
  • WORKSHOP -A larger greenhouse
  • WORKSHOP -Sparrowhark to Speed Six - an ARTF makeover...
  • It’s Showtime! Part 2Concluding part of what’s new from Nuremberg...
  • Rally Retro - Indoor at the Velodrome!FF flying at Manchester...
  • Freebee plan - PipernezerBoddo’s last plan - an Ebenezer!•Plan Feature 1 - VersatilityAn EP RC trainer that has options...
  • Space Modelling - The Fenix CupAction from Croatia!
  • Plan Feature 2 -Superior 60 we revisit A large version of a classic design...
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