Model Flyer Magazine Issue 140 – Jul 11


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  • PARKZONE Mosquito
    a super little BNF twin.
  • SEBART Wind S50E - part 2
    We finish and fly this F3A practice machine...
  • BLACK HORSE - Midget Mustang
    .60 sized ARTF Reno Racer...
  • FMS Hellcat
    Foam EP Fighter
  • HANGAR 9 - Jackal 50
    Potent prop jet.
    Apply rib tapes
    Win a Parkzone DH Mosquito BNF twin!
  • ROCKETRY - Reach for the Stars - part 3
    Propellant - more bang for your buck?.
  • RALLY RETRO - Ebenezers 2011!
    All the windswept action from Old Warden...
  • FEATURE - Bernoulli’s Theorem trashed!
    How wings really do fly...
  • FEATURE - Plastic CL kits - pt.1
    Remember those Cox kits?...
  • RALLY RETRO - Ron Moulton Memorial Day
    Control line fest in tribute to a great man...
  • FREEBEE PLAN - Lightningnezer
    Do you have the nerve...
  • FEATURE PLAN - Bowers Fly Baby
    A second look at a popular plan for a sports scale bipe.
    Bowers Fly Baby
  • RALLY RETRO - Boddo Memorial Day
    Radio Control action in tribute to a great man...
  • FLYING RC - Scale Flight - part 3
    Take off and landing!
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