Model Flyer Magazine Issue 114 – May 09


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  • DESIGN - Building Bipes - part 5
    Details and hints on flying!
    An electric Grumman Duck!
  • SUBJECT FOR SCALE - Grumman J2F Duck
    More inspiration for an o/d bipe!
    Vintage matters and miniature diesels.
  • FREEBEE PLAN - The Seahorse
    Unorthodox indoor FF rubber model
  • FEATURE - Watts your motor?
    How to pick a perfect powertrain...
  • FEATURE PLAN - Frisky Pete
    A vintage control line stunter...
  • RALLY RETRO - LMA @ Wigan
    A preview of the latest giants.
  • FEATURE - Know your glow!
    Glow engine finesse and safety...
  • A-26 INVADER part 1
    Building ASM’s twin bomber ARTF.
    Jamara’s new generation of EP rotary wings
  • F-15 EAGLE
    E-Flite’s ARTF EDF.
    Phoenix Models IC low winger is super...
  • CESSNA 182 EP
    ST Models foam ARTF features lights and flaps.
  • WORKSHOP - Building by degrees - part 15.
    Building from plans - an overview.
    The ARUP flying wing - part 4
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