Model Flyer Magazine Issue 100 – Mar 08


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  • WORKSHOP - Why get wet? Part 2
    The joyful art of waterplane flying, concluded...
  • COMPETITION - Guillow’s Scale Models
    Win one of FIVE Guillow’s scale flying model kits
  • FREEBEE 1 - Speck
    A FF rubber foamie for indoor flying.
  • RALLY RETRO - Hop Farm 2007
    The best in the South? You judge!
  • FREEBEE 2 - Ezenezer!
    Join in the May mass launch with this B Striegler tribute...
  • PLAN FEATURE - Aquabat
    Another look at our inexpensive float plane plan
  • HERCULES part 2
    The ASM Giant C130 ARTF get retracts - and flies...
    we build the Guillow’s stick and tissue Ju87 for EP RC...
    The Parkzone delta ARF gets a second airing.
    A small float plane EP ARTF...
    Ripmax’s ARTF soarer, sloped and towed!
  • VIVI
    Ultrafly’s foam EP bipe put through its paces.
  • WORKSHOP - Building by degrees - part 2
    Putting together foam-cored wings.
  • WORKSHOP - Optimum Radio Part 8
    Is your radio power system up to scratch?
  • WORKSHOP - Bits and Pieces, part 3
    More Boddo modelling skill tips...

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