Model Flyer Magazine Issue 068 – Jul 05


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  • COMPETITION! Win a Super Decathalon ARF from Parkzone!
  • HALYCON DAYS Another dose of nostalgia - single channel radio!
  • FREEBEE - PHOENIX! A FF indoor version of the plane in the film...
  • FILM FEATURE - PHORTY YEARS OF THE PHOENIX! years on, we look at the Flight of the Phoenix movie epics!
  • SHOW REPORT - TOLEDO '05 Highlights of one of the biggest shows - ever!
  • TEST PILOT - EXTRA 300L The Black Horse BIG scale aerobatic ship...
  • PRODUCT TEST - FUTABA 14MZ A closer look at the 14 channel radio from Futaba...
  • TEST PILOT - VMAR SEA BOOTS! We try out a set of VMAR ARTF floats on the VMAR Stinger...
  • TEST PILOT - TWISTER CP The popular electric RC heli gets a collective pitch upgrade...
  • TEST PILOT - X-UFO The award winning Silverlit RC Flying machine from Flying Toys
  • TEST PILOT - ONYX 15 A sleek EP ARTF mini pattern ship from Protech.
  • TEST PILOT - EXTRA 300S The Ultrafly EP foamie has terrific performance...
  • TEST PILOT - P-38 Lightning part 2 We fly the Flying Styro EP RC twin...
  • THE BLACK ART The Electric Flight column
  • WORKSHOP Build a Bostonian for indoors and outdoor flying!
  • WORKSHOP Take a broken ARTF, repair and give it a new lease of life
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