Model Flyer Magazine Issue 066 – May 05


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  • Halycon Days 2 - A Second Helping Of Nostalgia
  • Feature Plan - Silent Arrowa Semi-scale Do 335 For Slope Soaring PSS
  • Freebee - Banzai! A Depron Sheet 3d Machine For Full House EP
  • Slope Slant Pete Beadle's view from the hill...
  • Rally Retro - Haigh Hall 2005 Mega and manageable models...
  • Free Flight Contest - Junior World Champs - A short view of events...
  • Competition! - Win tickets for Riat! Ten pairs of tickets for The Fairford Air Tattoo!
  • Test Pilot - Miss America - Hangar 9's .60 P-51 revisited - in new colours
  • Test Pilot - Space Scooter - A sooper doper RTF from Multiplex
  • Test Pilot - Staggerwing - An RTF bipe from the golden era
  • Motor Mouth - RCV 91CD - We take an operational view of the large RCV powerhouse
  • Test Pilot - Soar with the eagle - Protech Uk's Christen Eagle ARTF takes to the air...
  • Test Pilot - Dragonfly - The ultimate park flyer performance from Cermark?
  • Test Pilot - Phantastic - Pt.2 - The VMAR Phantom F4 ARTF in the air...
  • Workshop - Doug's Claude Pt.1 Restoring the uncompleted AM5 built by Doug Mchard
  • Workshop - Ebenezer Final Call! Some ideas again for the May mass launch!
  • Workshop - Soldering On! Good advice to help you reach soldering perfection.
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