Issue 004 (922)


AeroModeller issue 004 (922) July/Aug 2013 (Published June 20th)

10 COVER STORY! A Need for Speed
If you indeed have a need for speed, then try on a pair of these 1/2-A and .15 sized speed machines from the grand master of F2D Proto Speed, Jerry Rocha.
16 Royal Aircraft Factory FE8
This clean and well-designed little pusher from World War 1 may not have been much of a match for the Albatros fighters from 1916, but it holds its own in character as a fine scale subject for CO2 or electric power.
30 The Ruffian
Josun Cole reports on a snappy Free Flight rubber model that is well suited for modellers of all abilities and ages.
36 Compressed Air Motors
Part 4 – Assembly. The development of a modern Compressed Air Motor for the Home-Workshop Enthusiast.
41 What is Old is New Again
A new class for competitions called 36˝ Hi-Start Glider is the hottest old/new thing since they invented the bicycle seat. And… we have a plan to get you started!
58 Frank Dowling’s Classic Liquidator XL
The missing in action text.
59 Vintage Combat
Some old warriors may say, “those were the days of combat” but, Richard Evans is here to tell you all, the battles of yesterday are still being waged in the circle of chaos by those men who are still the masters of mayhem.

4 Heard at the Hangar Doors
News from across the globe.
6 Up & Coming
Events not to be missed.
8 Aero Post
Readers letters from around the world.
20 Off-the Shelf
New products.
50 Web Walk
Mike Evatt walks the web for more aeromodelling delights.
54 For Old Times Sake
With Don Howie.
66 Tail End Charlie
Chris Ottewell takes a look back.

26 Power Trip
Maris Dislers reviews the spectacular MVVS Modela Junior 2 DFS.
46 Better Propellers
John O’Donnell imparts his years of experience and wisdom to help you on your way to…


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