B-26 Marauder Walk Around (Soft cover)


Also available with hard cover (65069)

From bombardier's station to the pads for the tail gunner's knees, this all-new B-26 Walk Around explores the Marauder up-close and in detail, surveying the intricacies of Martin's WWII medium bomber in depth. Exclusive photos illustrate the rarely seen inner workings and outer features of the B-26G, with additional coverage of the B-26, B-26B, and B-26C. Initially dubbed "the Widowmaker" due to its high wing loading and high landing speeds. But following refinements in the design and improved crew training, the B-26 ended the war with the lowest loss rate of any USAAF bomber. The B-26 Marauder saw service in Europe, the Mediterranean and the Pacific, including use by the United States, the Free French, the Royal Air Force and the South African Air Force. More than 220 photographs, plus numerous detailed line drawings and color profiles.


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