F4U Corsair


The history of the distinctive and powerful 'Bent-Wing Bird' - inverted gull wing, carrier-capable fighter - concise overview of the aircraft's origins, service life, variants, colors and markings and highlights with the US Navy, US Marines and many foreign air services (including Britain, France, New Zealand, Argentina, El Salvador and Honduras). Spans WWII, Korea, the Suez and even the 'Soccer War'. Illustrated with 34 b/w archival and 4 color photos; 112 all-around color detail photos revealing cockpit, engine, wing fold, undercarriage and exterior surfaces (featuring museum aircraft FG1-D BuNo 14862, F4U-1A BuNo 17799, F4U-1A BuNo 97349, FG-1D BuNo 88297 and F2G-1 BuNo 88454); 102 color profiles; 12 color plan views and 7 pages of 1/72 scale drawings clearly showing the defining characteristics of each production variant. Famous Aircraft of the World 3; Caruana; 92 pages.


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