STUG: Assault Gun Units In The East


ADH Publishing, in collaboration with The Oliver Publishing Group, is proud to announce a new series of books for the modeller, military enthusiast and general reader.

Each title will include

- Superbly rendered and meticulously researched colour profiles

- Black and white period photographs sourced from the world's major archives and private collections

- Background history

- Detailed orders of battle and tables of organisation

The second title in this series, STUG: Assault Gun Units In The East, Bagration To Berlin, will be the first volume in a two part set and will also include -

- Histories of the German Army's assault gun units, volume two will contain Waffen SS, Luftwaffe and obscure units

- Colour artwork by Dennis Oliver depicting over 40 different vehicles with details of unit markings and insignia

- Explanation of vehicle characteristics and production and field modifications

- Campaign maps and diagrams



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