Higgins 78′ PT Boat On Deck (Soft Cover)


Also available with hard cover (66008)

Andrew Jackson Higgins's New Orleans boat-building firm, Higgins Industries, constructed numerous vessels for the US war effort during World War II. Among these were 78-foot Patrol Torpedo (PT) boats. While not as well publicised as the 80-foot Elco PT boats, the 209 boats built by Higgins fought alongside their New Jersey-constructed counterparts, earning a reputation for ruggedness in the Atlantic, Mediterranean, and Pacific. This profusely illustrated volume showcases the details of Higgins PTs preserved in Massachusetts, Texas, and even an operational example in Oregon - the sole operational World War II PT in its original configuration. More than 80 color photographs of these preserved vessels are augmented by nearly 40 vintage photos illustrating rarely seen fine details of the wooden shipbuilders' craft. Illustrated with over 120 photographs; 80 pages.


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