Airfix’s Little Soldiers


HO/OO from 1958-2008 • A complete history covering 50 years of the famous Airfix plastic soldier, including details of every figure Airfix has ever produced

Airfix was founded in 1939, initially manufacturing inflatable rubber toys. Today, the company is synonymous with the hobby, with its plastic scale model kits and toy soldiers being the first entry for many young children into the world of modelling.

This book covers 50 years of the famous Airfix plastic soldier, from its production beginnings in 1958 through to the present day, detailing every figure Airfix has ever produced.

With a range immortalising soldiers from myriad periods of history, including Napoleonic infantrymen, WWI British Tommies, WWII G.I.s and Civil War cavalrymen, this tribute collection is both a trip down memory lane to those great wargames from your childhood, and an informative look at the greatest soldiers of history.

108 pages
200 X 240mm


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