B-24 Liberator in Action (Hard cover)


Also available with soft cover (10228)

The B-24 Liberator, produced by four different firms, in five different plants, was built in greater quantities than any other WWII bomber. Operated by the U.S. Army Air Force, and U.S. Navy on all fronts during the Second World War, and supplied to the British Commonwealth nations, the 18,482 Liberators took the war to the Axis doorstep. Lavishly illustrated with almost 250 authentic wartime photos, including over 80 in vintage color, with supplemental drawings and color profiles, this 88-page totally new edition of this classic In Action title brings to life no less than 20 variants these famed aircraft, as well as their crews. Experimental versions, classic bombers, freighters, tankers, reconnaissance birds – even the rare gunship version – are shown.


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