D-Day 1944


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The Allies launched their invasion of German-occupied Europe after 18 months of preparation - three and one half million troops, more than ten thousand warplanes and an armada of nearly five thousand sea-going vessels stormed 'Fortress Europe' and opened the long awaited second front against Hitler's Reich. Includes the Allied bid for air superiority, the landings, a photo file, opposing commanders and forces, portable weapons and many lesser known details of the making of the new Western Front. Amply illustrated with more than 60 b/w and 30 color photos, 6 maps, 21 equipment profiles, 13 uniform plates and additional specially commissioned art. Great Battles of the World; Stavropoulos, Vourliotis, Papadopoulos, Valmas, Kampouris and Terniotis; 136 pages.


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